Have you heard? We are completely automating service hour read in


Impacted Customers:  All Cashé Users
Action Required by you: Review this information and contact Cashé Support if you have questions or need assistance


Hello Cashé Users,

The concept of service hour read in is a product of the past. Due to various improvements we’ve made within the platform, we are happy to announce that the manual process of service hour read in will no longer be necessary after the July release.

These changes are significant and are a major step toward further automation, and improving your agency’s cash flow. To date, the service hour read in meant all usage information was calculated only after billing was completed.

The upcoming enhancement completely automates this process, so that ALL unit utilization values are calculated in REAL-TIME – as you enter and record timecards, including from the EVV app!


Here’s how it works:

Cashé now calculates unit usage, by service agreement line, in real-time as timecards are entered and processed. ALL EVV Timecards, and all Scheduler records with a Status of “Verified” or “Finalized” are counted as units used (with the exception of units marked as “Non-billable” in the billing status.)


These values are shown on the Payor/SA tab and on the Client Dashboard, as they are recorded.  The real-time usage values are also referenced in the Billing Process, and will soon be integrated into the EVV app, so that users get an immediate update if clients are running out of units on his/her service agreement.


With these unit utilization records now updated in real-time, the “Over Hours” and “Under Hours” reports that were previously used are now obsolete and are no longer available.  Reports become outdated and inaccurate as soon as they are printed and will not match the automated unit utilization now available in Cashé.  Any checking of unit utilization issues must be done from the Client Dashboard.

This is what the under units will look like.


As such, the Client Dashboard is also being updated to include BOTH warnings for clients over-using units AND under-using units. The under-use warning will also be added to the Dashboard with this upcoming July release.


If you need any assistance with these updates or if you have questions about these changes, please contact our support team at Support@cashesoftware.com or 612-605-3702. 


We appreciate your business and thank you for your support.


Thank you!

Team Cashé