• Caring-centered, data driven

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  • Mobile-first

    Home care – not desktop care.

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  • We’re ready for consumer-directed services

    Whether it’s billing, scheduling, or documentation, we’re ready to support the new way of delivering care.

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I was blown away

With a dynamic and friendly interface built by information design experts, the new Cashé is a joy to use. There is no more fumbling between screens looking for relevant data – every task has been thought through with attention to detail.

Advanced automation

More than just batch submission – stacks of forms that took hours to enter or generate can be done in seconds. Imagine never entering a service agreement by hand ever again!

Towards Zero Denials

Cashé’s workflows and real-time data validation mean that bad data never has a chance to enter the system. Clean claims, every time.

Navigate the data

Business intelligence sounds great – but where to start? Cashé can tell you where your agency stands based on KPIs for other agencies your size, and what steps you can take to improve.