Choosing an agency management software platform is an imperative element for successful scaling of your business. There are many options out there, each promising different features and functionality. So how do you choose the solution that is the best fit? Pay attention to the team and company that stand behind the platform. The technology will continue to change and what is new right now will soon be replaced with the next level of innovation. What you’re stuck with (for better or for worse) is the company behind the product. Here are five attributes to look for in your agency management software team.

History in your industry
Selecting an agency management software team with an understanding of the ins and outs of your particular industry is essential. With the complexity and rapid changes in regulation and standards for home and community-based services, you need a partner who’s experienced it all. No amount of market research or parallel experience can replace the knowledge and insights that come from working within the industry over a long period.

An understanding of your specific market
A lot of agency management software companies claim that their technology works across a wide range of industries and geographies because of some level of commonality between them. The truth is that a comprehensive solution will address challenges and opportunities that are specific to the processes and roles in your
organization. In the world of home and community-based services, where industry-specific and state-by-state regulations are constantly changing, if your agency management provider doesn’t have experience with your specific market, you may be headed for trouble.

A solid reputation
When you purchase an agency management software, you’re not just buying access to technology; you’re getting a team of people who are focused on helping you solve your challenges. Before you move ahead with a partnership, make sure to check out who stands behind and supports the product. Do they have a background and connections in your industry? Are they passionate about customer service and problem solving? What do other people in your industry say about them? Equally important to being wowed by the software and solutions, is being genuinely impressed by the people who develop and support them.

A Clear Commitment to Support
Even the most intuitive technology requires support and training. Make sure that the agency management software you choose comes with access to consistent, reliable, and dedicated support. It’s hard to know what support is like or what you’ll need before you’re a customer, but there are a couple of indicators to look for. Ask about the various ways to access support and the guidelines and costs associated with each. A company who has multiple points of contact and that offers custom levels of access will likely be in a better position to deliver consistently than one who has vague terms or over- promises hands-on support.

Alignment with your mission
Perhaps the most important factor to consider is mission and values. The company you trust to support your agency should align with your ultimate goal and your vision for the future. Your agency management software can propel your processes and people forward in a powerful way – it’s vital that the direction aligns with the core of your agency.

The decision to move your agency forward with technology is significant and choosing the right partner for your journey is critical. At Cashé, we’re passionate about serving agencies that are committed to consistently improving client care. We’d love to learn more about your agency to discover if we’re a good match.